About Frank Körver

Hi! I am Frank Körver, senior and consultant at Wepublic. I like to solve strategic puzzles. I am an entrepreneur and occasional writer. I enjoy sharing my ideas and exchanging thoughts. 

Since graduation from the Free University of Amsterdam in 2001 I have been fascinated by the dynamics between a company and society. I love to read, think, and write about strategy, leadership, reputation and (strategic) communications. 

I am one of the founders of Wepublic, a renowned consultancy firm in the Netherlands, and Dutch Affiliate of Interel. We focus on reputation, communication and public affairs. And are located in Amsterdam and The Hague.

My work is challenging and very rewarding. I am energised daily from being both trusted advisor to senior executives and an entrepreneur. The people I work for are often confronted with difficult issues or strategic changes. So, solving problems and answering tough questions is mainly what I do. Executives also seek my advice when they want to build excellent communication departments or develop winning communication strategies. They want to make a difference and have impact. 

In my previous role as associate partner at strategic consulting firm Boer & Croon I developed myself in the fields of (structured) problem solving, business focused thinking, and managing complex projects. 

And I am still learning. Every day. 

I like to write about reputation management, strategy development and the role and added value of the communications function. Do visit my blog www.CONNECTEDLEADER.blog.

My latest book – cowritten with Betteke van Ruler – is called THE COMMUNICATION STRATEGY HANDBOOK where we introduce a practical toolkit for creating winning strategies. I hope you’ll invest a few minutes to see what you’ve been missing. 

Previous releases of mine are Het Strategisch Communicatie Frame, a bestseller in the Netherlands, and Issuesmanagement, een stappenplan, cowritten with Ferdinand Helmann on strategic issues management. 

In addition to my work for clients, I am the coordinator for the EACD (European Association of Communication Directors) in the Netherlands and a member of the MIC advisory board at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. I am on the Central participation council of the Koningin Emma school in Bussum and the joint participation council of Talent Primair. 

On Saturdays I play as a striker for one of the most beautiful clubs in the Netherlands: AFC. I am also an avid supporter of Ajax Amsterdam and very passionate about watches. 

I live in a small town near Amsterdam together with Caroline, our two sons, and black cat Tommy.